PICCOLO 46/66/94

    • model 46 max.: 46 x 32 cm – min.: 14 x 10 cm
    • model 66 max.: 66 x 32 cm – min.: 14 x 10 cm
    • model 94 max.: 94 x 32 cm – min.: 14 x 10 cm



  • Infeeding group + machine adjustable in height.
  • Anti-scratch round belts.
  • Marking system, with displacement of incoming copies.
  • Pressing rollers.
  • Belts with positive transmission, to transport and overturn the shingled jobs.
  • Horizontal stacking.



The machine is small, very strong and user-friendly.

It is equipped with:

  • 1 pair of pressing rollers to apply 1800 kg pressure.
  • Vertical stacking up to 40 cm high.
  • No friction between the belts while overturning the stream.

The production of this machine started in 1979, and now it has been designed again, keeping its compact, reliable and user-friendly characteristics.

The most important modifications are:

New design
DOUBLE SYSTEM to adjust height.
EASIER ACCESS in the stacking side.
EASIER ACCESS AND SAFETY in the pressing unit, equipped with safeguards.
ADJUSTMENT OF SHINGLE ROLLERS through knobs and racks.
Built in COPY COUNTER with marking unit.